Our clients


We offer a variety of research and evaluation solutions within the humanitarian and international development sector, involving a wide range of organizations, as well as governments and the private sector.
We work with major players, medium-sized entities and local initiatives.
UN agencies, European Commission, OECD, Development Banks, etc.
National Development Agencies, Ministries and decentralized agencies.
third sector entities
International & local NGOs, foundations and civil society organizations.
PRIVATE SECTOR organizations
Companies developing Social Corporate Responsibility and public-private partnerships
Academic sector
Universities, research institutes and initiatives, and other organizations in the education sector.
Among others, we have provided services to the following entities:
what our
Office of the Inspector General
International Organization for Migration
“We were very pleased with the services provided by Artival, their level of professionalism, the respect of deadlines and the final products. The final report was highly informative and will allow us to take action to improve our work in the future”
Laura Zorrilla Fernandez
International Centre for Migration Policy Development

“The team performed the tasks diligently and on time, displaying a high degree academic rigour and professionalism. On the basis of their excellent performance, I would like to recommend their services and wish them the best success in future endeavours”.

Juan Manuel Balerdi
Euskal Fondoa

“Artival Research & Evaluation has demonstrated that it possesses the knowledge, equipment and means to provide the agreed services, and Euskal Fondoa is pleased to recommend Artival for the provision of services in accordance with the professional practices and customs of its sector of activity”.

Moisés Navarro Sánchez
Murcia NGO Coordinator

“In 2021, our organization contracted Artival to deliver a training focused on evaluating the results of cooperation projects with a gender equality perspective, and the result has been frankly satisfactory. It should be noted that the people attending the training have valued it very positively, both the classes and the complementary materials provided by Artival. Due to their accumulated experience, the expertise of the staff, their disposition, and the excellence in the treatment, we recommend Artival Research & Evaluation as a training entity “.

Erica Matellone
UNICEF Evaluation Office
Senior Evaluation Specialist

“The Artival team carried out the Evaluability Assessment and Formative Evaluation of UNICEF’s Approaches to Advocacy during 2023. They designed a very innovative and comprehensive evaluation methodology that they successfully implemented, producing a high-quality evaluation report. In working with the UNICEF Evaluation Office, they showcased a strong sense of teamwork and the capacity to work in an agile and flexible way to meet UNICEF’s needs. The evaluation report was well received and appreciated by senior management within UNICEF, external experts, and other partners participating in the evaluation process. I will recommend working with Artival Research & Evaluation on similar projects, and I remain available for further questions on their performance”.

Elma Balic
International Organization for Migrations
IOM Central Evaluation Unit

“Artival Research & Evaluation has undertaken the “Evaluation of Results-Based Management (RBM) at IOM” from October 2022 to May 2023 on behalf of IOM’s Central Evaluation Unit (EVA) in the framework of the implementation of EVA biennial evaluation plan 2021-2022. The evaluation team was highly professional and organized in providing proactive updates on the state of the affairs during the entire conduct of evaluation, and an important element of support to eventually enable IOM to fully establish the RBM approach.There are no pending deliverables from Artival Research & Evaluation; all reports generated from the assignment have been accepted and we highly recommend the evaluation team”.

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