About us


We are a consulting firm specialized in applied research and the design and evaluation of social initiatives led by public, private and third-sector entities.

We see ourselves as artisans that stay true to our philosophy and craft, always striving to achieve the highest professional excellence.


Artival is the result of the forces of a team of consultants that decided to be part of something bigger than themselves, working toward a common goal and enabling a greater impact of their efforts.

At Artival, we know one size does not fit all, and understand the uniqueness of each assignment and the complexity of the contexts in which social interventions take place, so we offer exquisite tailor-made research and evaluation services. We see ourselves as artisans producing authentic craftwork.

Our shared goal is contributing to the progressive improvement of social and development initiatives through the provision of valuable and useful research, evaluation and capacity-building solutions.

Since 2015 we have been providing services  focused on generating key information for our clients for informed decision-making, knowledge generation and learning and accountability. We contribute to our mission by offering professionalism, fairness, independence, integrity and reliability.


Our work emphasizes participatory approaches, a fair strategy towards the parties involved in our actions and the protection of their interests.

We promote the research and evaluation culture as a key strategy for an evidence-based organizational learning and development.

We design highly visual and user-friendly products that bring out hidden stories, aimed at informing and engaging targeted audiences.

We consider traditional strategies as well as the latest methodological tendencies in order to provide solid data-driven information.

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