Social Network Analysis

When working in complex and rapidly changing environments, it is crucial to understand how key stakeholders are interconnected. Social Network Analysis (SNA) allows that by mapping the relationships among relevant stakeholders within a similar network. It analyzes the network’s structure and assesses the influence of various actors.

We incorporated SNA into the Evaluability Assessment and Formative Evaluation of UNICEF‘s global advocacy approaches, which we recently completed. This approach proved key to understand how the different Global Advocacy Priorities (GAPs) of the organization are interconnected, enabling us to explore potential synergies and partnerships. The visual representation also provides insights into the level of influence held by different stakeholders in influencing policy change through advocacy, as indicated by the size of their respective bubbles.

We whipped up this visual using Tableau and Illustrator, and we gotta give a shoutout to Tristan Guillevin from Ladataviz. In the website, you can find some awesome tools to create killer visuals like Sankey diagrams, networks, beeswarm plots, and more – and it’s all free!

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